Sir Archibald Sinclair Plate


January 2009

Credit 34059 Inside Smokebox spacer 34059 Conduits Credit
  The smokebox work has been completed with all the superheater elements fitted and the blower pipe work in place.
  The handrails have been fitted and the pipework to carry the electric cabling for the route indicators and AWS is being worked on.  
Credit 34059 Clack Valves spacer 34059 Feed Pipes Credit
  The delivery pipes to the clack valves have been shaped and fitted. The sandboxes have also been bolted onto the side of the smokebox. Painting is progressing slowly - paint doesn't like cold or damp conditions.   The delivery pipes bolted under the running plate next to the steam heating pipe. The reverser shaft can been seen at the bottom of the picture.  
Credit 34059 Cab spacer 34059 Gauges Credit
  The controls under the fireman's seat for the Monitor injectors plus the slacker pipe for washing the footplate down.   The vacuum braking system has been tested and, as can be seen from the above photograph, succeeded in creating 20 inches of vacuum on both the train side and chamber side.  

February 2009

Credit 34059 Smoke Deflectors spacer 34059 Wheel Drop Credit
  The smokebox door has now been fitted and the the paintwork has been rubbed down. The picture above shows the smoke deflectors being trial fitted.   34059 has been moved to the other road as work was required on the pads for the middle driving wheels, which required the use of the wheel drop.  
Credit 34059 Tender Weighing spacer 34059 Spring Test Credit
  Weighing the tender to ensure the weight is evenly distributed over the wheels.   34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair leaves the workshop and enters the platform at Sheffield Park while tests are carried out on the springs. The motive power was supplied by the 08 Diesel shunter, seen behind the tender.  
Credit 34059 Tony Deller spacer 34059 Steve Czech Credit
  Tony Deller the Bulleid Society's technical advisor – and a chartered mechanical engineer – on the footplate of 34059 outside the workshop.   Steve Czech who has overseen the work on Sir Archibald Sinclair  

4th March 2009


Tuesday 3rd March 2009 saw a successful boiler insurance test and the following day, Wednesday 4th March, was the first movement of the locomotive under its own steam since withdrawal by BR in May 1966.

Credit 34059 Fire through doors spacer 34059 Pressure Gauge Credit
  The fire viewed through the Ajax doors.
  The pressure is raised successfully to 250lb/sq in.
Credit 34059 Smoke from Chimney spacer 34059 in yard Credit
  Smoke coming from the chimney for the first time since May 1966.   With cylinder cocks open 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair moves around the yard outside the Sheffield Park woks.
Credit 34059 Tender

The locomotive is running with the first 5,250 gallon tender to be built in preservation. The design of this tender, with the twin rear ladders and single rectangular filler, was that which superseded the 5,250 gallon re-bodied tenders in service, but because of the withdrawal of steam were never built. The inset picture shows the rear of 34059's original re-bodied 5,250 gallon tender at Nine Elms, taken on 7th December 1965 by Ken Horan.

The frames for the original BR re-bodied tender (No. 3273) were from a 4,500 gallon version, which was attached to No. 21C123, Blackmoor Vale from 4/2/46 to 22/9/54!

11th March 2009


No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair completed two days of test running on Tuesday (10th March) and Wednesday (11th March) which went well.

Tuesday was in reality light engine plus Queen Mary brake van to Horsted Keynes and return.

Wednesday was a loaded test run with five coaches for four runs to Horsted Keynes only, due to an engineering possession to the north, and return. Nothing unforeseen occurred. The final run was light engine to Horsted Keynes for the final painting to be carried out there.

Credit 34059 Taking Water spacer 34059 Sheffield Park Credit
  Taking water at Sheffield Park
  Waiting to depart from Sheffield Park.  
Credit 34059 On the Line spacer 34059 Horsted Keynes Credit
  On a beautiful spring day No.34059 makes a splendid sight leaving Sheffield Park.   Arrival at Horsted Keynes.  

1st April 2009

No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair in the paint shop at Horsted Keynes. The painting phase is now finished on and the lining out and transfer application is about to commence.

Credit 34059 Painting spacer 34059 Painting Credit
  Inside the paint shop at Horsted Keynes.   Back of the tender.  

5th April 2009

Credit 34059 Lining spacer 34059 Cab Lining Credit
  Lining and transfers applied to the tender and cab sides.   The left hand cab side. The yellow triangle shows that the BR briquette system of water softening is fitted.  

6th April 2009

No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair was pulled out of the paint shop on Monday, it was then lit up at taken back to Sheffield Park in preparation for more loaded test runs.

Credit 34059 Horsted Keynes spacer 34059 Horsted Keynes Credit
  No. 34059 basking in the spring sunshine.   No. 34059 after being pulled out of the paint shop, with Maunsell U class No. 1638 arriving with the service train from Sheffield Park.  

7th April 2009

Tuesday (7th April) No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair made trial runs with the Golden Arrow set of Pullmans between Sheffield Park and Kingscote.

The tender carries incorrect 'right facing' lion totems. These had been in store for a long time and inquires are being made into where they came from. Two new totems have been ordered to sort out the problem.

The engine will now re-enter the works at Sheffield Park for 'last minute' work to be carried out.

Credit 34059 Pullmans spacer 34059 Kingscote Credit
  Awaiting to depart at Sheffield Park   Running around at Kingscote.  

19th April 2009

No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair has been back in the works at Sheffield Park to have the final work carried out, including the fitting of the AWS battery box and the lights above the buffer beam. The boiler will then be washed out and lighting-up commenced to make it ready for the special trains this week.

The tender totems have now been replaced with the correct facing ones.

Credit 34059 Speedometer spacer 34059 Nameplate Credit
  The newly fitted Smiths speedometer drive.   The smoke deflectors plus nameplate and crest in place.  
Credit 34059 Front spacer 34059 Nameplate Credit
  The smokebox number and shed plate for Salisbury in place.   The left hand side nameplate and crest.  

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