8th November 2011

Coach 5768

Mike Anton popped into the Carriage & Wagon Works at Horsted Keynes on Friday (4th November) and took some pictures of the progress being made with coach 5678.

Credit 5768 Interior
  View of the stripped out interior.
Credit 5768 Sheeting spacer 5768 Grinding Credit
  Further sheeting being positioned on the west side.   Grinding, to ensuring a perfect fit.  
Credit 5768 Heater spacer 5768 Heater Control Credit
  Under seat heating in place.   The heater control being held in positioned.  

27th October 2011

Sir Archibald Sinclair

No. 34059 has been withdrawn from traffic as a result of stay problems on both sides of the lower firebox and cracks in the area of the junction of the syphon top flange to the crown sheet. The exact process for the repairs is under discussion but it is likely that the locomotive will remain out of traffic for some months.

26th September 2011

Sir Archibald Sinclair

No.34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair returned to traffic over the weekend after repairs to its firebox.

Credit 34059 Three Arches Bridge
  No. 34059 at Three Arch Bridge, 24th September 2011.

8th August 2011

Coach 5768 – restoration report by Dave Clarke.

The first two panels have been fitted to the framework on the corridor side of the coach. These have been sealed with mastic and secured with greased screws - to facilitate their future removal at a later date. The panels are either side of what will become the large sidelight opposite Compartment B. Next to be fabricated is the large panel below this sidelight.

Credit 5768 Steel Sheeting spacer 5768 Steel Sheeting Credit
  Roger Williams secures the second section of body sheeting to the frames.   The first two panels have been fitted to the west side.  

A start has been made on the overhaul of a pair of bogies for the coach. The first bogie has been brought up to the 'A' frame so that its lower bolster plank can be removed. The bogie had been partially dismantled a few years ago and the frames cleaned and painted. However they have been exposed to the elements for some time and will need to be recleaned and painted.

Credit 5768 Bogie

1st August 2011

Coach 5768 – restoration report by Dave Clarke.

The framework repairs under the two sidelights north of the western centre door have been completed and at last Roger Williams has got a chance to start preparing the new steel sheeting. He has trial fitted, drilled and counter sunk the fixing screw holes and painted the back of the first two panels. This involves a coat of gun wash to neutralise the galvanised surface to enable the bonda primer to enable the undercoat and gloss to stick to the surface. These are for the section immediately north of the centre vestibule door and between compartments A & B on the corridor or west side.

Credit 5768 Steel Sheeting spacer 5768 Heating Controller Credit
  The first section of steel sheeting has been offered to the framing.   The steam heat controller mechanism has been fitted in Compartments A & B - a touch of indulgence!?  

28th July 2011

Bulleid Society Shop

The Society Shop on Platform 2 at Sheffield Park is now open on most Sundays and probably Wednesday as well during the summer.

11th July 2011

Coach 5768 – restoration report by Dave Clarke.

The most noticeable progress has been the fitting of the floors under compartments A & B. This will enable the partitions to be reinstated and this area of the coach to be used for storing the components in the third class compartments. The North east corner pillar has been removed and will be replaced with one recovered when SOBT 4035 was dismantled several years ago.

Credit 5768 Corner Pillar spacer The North East corner pillar has been removed and will be replaced.
Credit 5768Corridor spacer The first section of corridor partitioning has been reinstated. This is the north side of the sliding door in A Compartment.

23rd June 2011

A Summer's Day on the Bluebell Railway

Ashley Smith made a video of Saturday's service on the Bluebell Railway, featuring No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair and 4MT No. 80151 in charge of the hourly service trains with E4 No. B473 on the Saturday shunt in the morning and then, in the afternoon, the Fathers Day Lounge Car service. Finally C class No. 592 was on a special 'Wedding Belle' charter train.


2nd June 2011

Bulleid 13 Ton 5-Plank Open No. 12058 – Further details available here

A refurbished drawbar has been fitted to the south end by Paul Hailes and Martin Skrzetuszewski, and 12058 was later moved to a spot outside the paint shop.

Credit 12058 without hook spacer 12058 with hook Credit

28th April 2011

Bulleid Society Shop

The new shop, on platform two Sheffield Park, is nearing completion with the final outside painting being done and the interior being fitted-out.

Credit Bulleid Society Shop, Exterior spacer Bulleid Society Shop, Interior Credit
  The shop exterior being painted to match in with the LBSCR colour scheme of Sheffield Park.   The interior fittings being put into place.  

14th April 2011

Sir Archibald Sinclair

Two pictures taken of No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair during its first week back in traffic.

Credit 34059 West Hoathly spacer 34059 Horsted Keynes Credit
  No. 34059 emerging from West Hoathly Tunnel,
12th April 2011
  No. 34059 at Horsted Keynes waiting to depart north, 12th April 2011.  

Blackmoor Vale

The picture below shows No. 21C123's return to Sheffield Park, hauled by E4 No. 473, 2nd April 2011. Mike Lee was the booked driver, Neil Glaskin was the shunter and rode on 21C123 from Horsted Keynes. Tony Leaver was the Running Foreman and was responsible for accepting Blackmoor Vale into the loco yard. So, three Bulleid committee members were actively involved in the move.

Credit 21C123 return to Sheffield Park

12th April 2011

Sir Archibald Sinclair

No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair returned to traffic over the weekend. The nameplates are now sporting a black background, which 34059 had when first rebuilt.

Credit 34059 Three Arch BridgeNewick Siding

Sir Archibald Sinclair at Three Arch Bridge, approaching Horsted Keynes, with the combined 3pm service train and 3.30pm Lounge Car train – an unusual 7 coach train, driver Tony Leaver, 9th April 2011.

Credit 34059 Black Nameplate spacer 34059 Blue Nameplate Credit
  34059's nameplates. The black background version was carried when first rebuilt, then from around 1962 it was decided to paint Battle of Britain nameplates blue with the West Country's becoming red at this time.  

2nd April 2011

Blackmoor Vale

No. 21C123, Blackmoor Vale has arrived back at Sheffield Park after her prolonged visit to Horsted Keynes for Bluebell's 50th anniversary celebration in 2010.

No. 21C123 was 'oiled' up today and travelled back to SP behind E4 class No. 473, driven by Bulleid Society member Mike Lee, arriving home at about 1.55 pm. The intention is to place Blackmoor Vale in the north end of number 2 road in the 'shed'.

Some new pictures of 34023 in BR service have been added to Blackmoor Vale's gallery pages, courtesy of Don Benn.

22th March 2011

Sir Archibald Sinclair

Credit 34059 Newick Siding
  No. 34059 in the Newick siding for a boiler washout, 16th March 2011.

During the winter the problems with leaking stays have been rectified and the inboard injector problem should have been sorted out. Other routine repairs and maintenance have also been undertaken.

Coach 5768

Progress with the coach is very positive, with the next major progress being, hopefully, the installation of the new floor to the northern compartments. The original SR timber plank floor, now removed, is to be replaced with ply, which will be painted on the underside to give additional weather proofing.

12th January 2011

Coach 5768 – restoration report by Dave Clarke.

Simon Bass has finished the repairs to the first class half of the western cant rail. A couple of minor repairs may be necessary on the east side.

He is now turning his attention to preparing the timber section of the bottom rail. This sits on the steel plate and behind the quadrilateral supports securing the pillars. It serves two purposes; as an anchor for the screws holding the steel sheeting in place and to support the floor.

Roger Williams is taking a break from the bottom rail and has returned to fabricating the frames for the side lights. Seven have now been completed and he is now over half way – if you also include the two smaller ones for the lavatories!

The varnishing of the corridor partitions is ongoing.

6th January 2011

Sir Archibald Sinclair

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair is undergoing a number of minor repairs prior to full winterisation until Easter 2011.

1st January 2011

Sir Archibald Sinclair

No. 34059 has been taking its turn in the snow disrupted lead-up to Christmas – hauling Santa Specials and Golden Arrow Christmas Dining Trains. Sir Archibald Sinclair has also been in service during the week following Christmas and over the New Year period, including the Golden Arrow New Year's Eve Dining Train.

Credit 34059 Three Arch Bridge spacer 34059 Hollywell Bridge Credit
  No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair climbs towards Three Arch Bridge, 26th December 2010.   No. 34059 crossing Hollywell Water Works Bridge,
23rd December 2010.
Credit 34059 Aproaching Horsted Keynes
  No. 34059, Sir Archibald Sinclair approaching Horsted Keynes, 12th December 2010.
Credit 34059 Santa Special in the Snow
  No. 34059 crosses Waterworks Bridge heading towards Horsted Keynes, 5th December 2010.