Platform 2, Sheffield Park Station
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28th August 2014

Sir Archibald Sinclair

Below are a couple of pictures from Chris Hunford showing progress with the repair of 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair at LNWR Heritage at Crew.

Credit 34059 Firebox
  The left hand side and top of the firebox looking inside from the bottom of the box, the boiler is currently on its side. The plate work on the inside and top of the firebox has been removed.
Credit 34059 Syphons
  The replacement thermic syphons, these have now been drilled and the stays are being fitted.

22nd August 2014

Blackmoor Vale

Credit 21C123 Platform 2 Sheffield Park

No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale was moved over one of the pits last Wednesday (13th) so that the new brake gear could be fitted to the tender. The engine's original items are now in use with No. 34046 Braunton.

Credit 21C123 Platform 2 Sheffield Park

19th May 2014

South Western Circle Monograph No.7
The L&SWR use of Low Pressure Pneumatic Signalling

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This 180 page monograph is one of a number produced by the South Western Circle and gives a very good and readable history of the background to the introduction of this signalling, a technical description and chapters relevant to the section of the line on which this system operated. It was replaced by colour light signals when the Bournemouth electrification scheme was introduced in 1967.

The monograph is available from:
SWC Editor, 2 Eaton Wood, Peatmoor, Swindon, SN5 5AT

The price of £8.50 includes post and packing. Cheques should be made payable to The South Western Circle.

For those with internet access, the South Western Circle's web site is: Membership (September-August) costs £17.50, with the Membership Secretary at 39 Priory Road, Hassocks, Sussex, BN6 8PS pleased to welcome new members.

Credit 34059 Aproaching Horsted Keynes
  No. 34023 Blackmore Vale at Winchfield

6th May 2014

2014 Track Trek

Spacer Track Treck Poster spacer

The Trek, a walk along the trackbed from Horsted Keynes to Sheffield Park on 28 June 2014 (starting in the early evening, with a train back to Horsted Keynes afterwards, will be the final push for the 'Keep Up The Pressure' appeal. The walk is being led by, Roy Watts (BRPS chairman) and Dick Fearn (Bluebell plc chairman). For full details click here.

Volunteers are needed to assist in booking the walkers on and off the event. If you are interested please contact Track Trek Organiser.

15th April 2014

Coach 5768

Credit Coach 5768 Plating spacer Coach 5768 North End Credit
  The initial marking out of the zintec steel sheet for the south end of the eastern side of the coach where the toilet window is sited. The large void on the right is the adjacent compartment window. The picture on the right shows the north end of the same side to show how the window fits into the side sheeting; the toilet window is the one with the bar across at the far end.  
Credit Coach 5768 Compartment
Credit Coach 5768 Bogie spacer (Above) The compartment interior showing the window area and the timber construction – no steel is used in the main body as structural elements of the coach.

(Left) The interior view at the south end shows the centre pivot for the bogie and the zintec sheet clamped in place for marking out for the cutting of the main compartment window. Careful measurement is made on the timber sections of all the old plugged screw holes to avoid using them when the new sheeting is screwed into place, with mastic between the sheet and the timber.

Credit Coach 5768 Door spacer Coach 5768 Door Works Plate

The doors are either the old ones repaired and then rehung or, as in this photo, are from old 4Sub units, with the SR contracting all the door pressings out to Fisher and Ludlow, well known in the car industry for body pressings.


26th March 2014

Coach 5768

A few more photographs showing the progress of 5768 taken on Sunday.

Credit Coach 5768 NM exterior
  North West exterior of the coach with the window frame fitting progressing.
Credit Coach 5768 NW end spacer Coach 5768 Corridor Credit
  Interior view of North West corner – new timber corner post and frame work.   1st class corridor area.  
Credit Coach 5768 1st Class spacer Coach 5768 1st Class Credit
  The 1st class compartments with Palight foamed PVC panels being used for the ceiling etc. This will also be used in the 3rd class compartments.  
Credit Coach 5768 Window Frames
  Window components

11th March 2014

Coach 5768

Work is currently centred around the southern end with the west corner pillar requiring replacement and remedial work needed on the eastern one. The bottom steel sections in the end area will also require probable replacement since there is corrosion in this area. The bottom of the sections of the zintec sheeting on the eastern side have now all been cut to the same profile.

Credit Coach 5768 South End spacer Coach 5768 South End Credit
  Southern end.  
Credit Coach 5768 Plating spacer Coach 5768 North End Credit
  South end plating.   North end.  
  Internally, the first class compartments now have ceilings and some of the moulding are in place and electrical wiring continues. The corridor end connections for the south end of the coach may well be a new unit.  
Credit Coach 5768 Bogies
  Outside, one of the replacement bogies has been needle gunned and painted - the other one awaits attention. Adjacent to the bogies are the four wheel sets.
Credit Coach 5768 Cushions
  The re-upholstering of the seat cushions and seat backs has commenced with the photograph showing a re-upholstered second class compartment cushion. This work is being undertaken at Eastleigh.

1st March 2014

Sir Archibald Sinclair

Work is underway on the repairs to the firebox of No. 34059 at Crewe, who have been contracted to undertake the repairs. The new Nicholson thermic syphons will replace the two syphons in the firebox which are to be scrapped due to corrosion and metal fatigue. The position of the 131 stays in each of the new syphons have been marked out and drilled and the stays themselves are being manufactured. The stays have a hollow central section which will indicate if there are signs of a fracture of the stay since water will be seen at the stay ends. After the syphons have been marked out with the position of the stays, the syphons are drilled and the stay holes tapped out to the correct size (1") to enable the stays to be screwed in place.

Credit Drilled Syphons at Crewe spacer Drilled Syphons at Crewe Credit

3rd January 2014

Society Membership Offer

The Society is offering a print of Chris Wood's painting of No. 34023 Blackmoor Vale to all those who join the Society as life members – or to ordinary members upgrading to life membership.

The print depicts No. 34023 Blackmoor Vale, in malachite green livery, hauling the 2.50pm Waterloo to Ilfracombe and Torrington holiday train on 9th July 1949 near Winchfield.


34059 Golden Arrow