'Keep Up The Pressure' Appeal
Sir Archibald Sinclair Plate
Although funds were raised to enable 34059's boiler to be repaired in-house to speed-up it's return to traffic the boiler has been sent away for repairs and funds are still needed.
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  34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair

15th May 2015

Sir Archibald Sinclair

Credit 34059 Steam Manifold

The steam combine (i.e. manifold) from 34059 shows the faces being machined at Sheffield Park after the body of the casting had been bead blasted to remove the surface rust which had accumulated.

It is important that the joint face between the steam combine and the Klinger valves is a steam tight fit. The milling of the combine face and the valve face will ensure that this is the case.

The main steam supply to the backhead controls is via the Klinger valve sited on the front of the firebox casing on the driver's side of the engine. The steam combine outlets (on the underside in photograph above) control the individual steam supply to the two injectors from the two Klinger valves attached to the two right hand apertures, the steam heating from the second left aperture and the vacuum ejector steam supply from the far left aperture. Bulleid's design allowed the steam supply to each of the main controls to be isolated without having to turn off the supply to all the other controls.

The intention is to have all the backhead fittings ready to be refitted when the boiler returns from Crewe

Credit 34059 Backhead
  The picture of the backhead was taken in 2009 and shows the fittings attached to the combine (the Southern's name for the manifold).

Blackmoor Vale

Credit 21C123 Outside the Shed
Credit 21C123 in Shed spacer

The picture above shows 21C123 after being moved from the dock road on platform 2 before being shunted into the shed at Sheffield Park.

Left: Almost inside the engine shed where she now resides for protection. Note the covers over the buffers.

17th February 2015

Coach 5768

The pictures below were taken by Mike Anton on 15th February.

Credit Coach 5768 spacer Coach 5768 Credit
  First class compartment C with ceiling refitted along with the overhauled seat-back structure.   South end where the steel bottom-plate has just been renewed and the main end pillars put in place.  
Credit Coach 5768 spacer Coach 5768 Credit
  North west corner being prepared for painting.   Detail of the north end corridor connection.  

2nd January 2015

Bluebell Railway 2014/15 500 Club

Membership of the Bluebell Railway 2015/16 500 Club is now open. The club has been running for several years and is now helping to raise funds for the repair No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair's firebox. Full details available here.

Keep Up The Pressure

Don't forget that the 'Keep Up The Pressure' Appeal to raise funds for 34059's firebox is also still running, details via the links below.
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