20th December 2012

Big Give Christmas Challenge

Thank you to everyone who donated to the 'Big Give' Christmas Challenge to help get No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair back into steam, with over £43,000 being raised.

Although any donations will not now be match funded you can still donate online, especially if you are eligible for Gift Aid, at the 'Big Give' Christmas Challenge site. You can also still send your donation to the address below, which will be gratefully received.

Details of the repairs need can be viewed here.

Hopefully we can enjoy scenes like this again next year!

Credit 34059 Aproaching Horsted Keynes
  No. 34059 entering the former West Hoathly station after leaving the tunnel, Saturday 19th December 2009.

6th December 2012

Big Give Christmas Challenge

The Bluebell Railway, the Bulleid Society and the Bluebell Railway Battle of Britain Locomotive Group are helping to fund the cost of the firebox repairs to return No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair to steam. As part of the Reed Foundation's 'Big Give' Christmas challenge, any donation made between 6th - 19th December 2012 will be matched pound for pound by a combination of the railway's major supporters and the Big Give's sponsors funds.

If you are eligible for gift Aid, this will turn a £10 donation into £22.50 for Sir Archibald. The agreed target with the fund is to raise a maximum of £30,000 in online donations over the 13 days, with the matching funding will give a total of £60,000 plus Gift Aid on eligible donations.

Donations by post

If you don't wish to make a donation online, or are not eligible for Gift Aid and you wish to make a donation, we will be pleased to receive a cheque for whatever amount, however big or small, made payable to:

Bluebell Railway Battle of Britain Locomotive Group

Please send your donation before 17th December to:

34059 Firebox appeal (BGC)
21 St Stephens Road

Your donation can make all the difference!

5th October 2012

Sir Archibald Sinclair

No. 34059 Sir Archibald Sinclair has had a banner attached advertising the Double Donation Big Give Challenge, which will take place from the 6th – 19th December. The funds raised will help finance the firebox repairs required to get 34059 back into steam next year.

During the Double Donation Big Give Challenge a link will be displayed prominently on this and also our home page which will take you to the Big Give web site to make your donation.

Credit 34059 with Big Give Banner
Credit 34059 with Big Give Banner

28th September 2012

LEGO Blackmoor Vale meets the real thing!

  40 Years Service Cirtificate spacer

The Brickish Association recently took part in the Bluebell Railway's model weekend in July. While there, Andrew Harvey was able to pose his model of Blackmoor Vale with it's full-size counterpart.

Andrew's other Bulleid models can be viewed here.

28th June 2012

Blackmoor Vale

Below is historic footage of No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale taken in 1976, the first part shows a trial run on 27th March, the second its first day in service on 15th May. From the Model Railways On-Line website.

13th June 2012

LEGO Blackmoor Vale

A fun video of No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale made out of Lego and many others. Please note that the ratio of the video has not been coded correctly, so things look a bit thin!

7th June 2012

  40 Years Service Cirtificate spacer John Fry, Chairman of the Bulleid Society, received the 40 year service award presented to the Bulleid Society at the Bluebell Railway Preservation Society AGM on Saturday 19th May.

15th February 2012

Coach 5768 – restoration report by Dave Clarke.

Resheeting of the east side has now reached B/C compartment.

Credit 5768 Corner Pillar spacer A replacement north east corner pillar has been fabricated and and trial fitted. In order to confirm the location of its base the adjacent door which closes upon it has been hung.
Credit 5768 Vestibule Pillar spacer 5768 Vestibule Pillar Credit
  Repairs to the east side toprail has now reached the central vestibule where both pillars will be replaced with two recovered when 4035 was broken up for spares.   A large split and knot in the lower part of the pillar from the east side of the centre vestibule are a couple of reasons why it will be replaced with one recovered from 4035.  
Credit 5768 Stea Heater Pipes spacer The steam heaters installed in compartments A, B & C have been plumbed into the main steam pipe seen behind the bracket and in front of the vacuum cylinder.

1st January 2012

Blackmoor Vale

Some of the parts for No. 21C123 Blackmoor Vale's new firebox have being obtained. The pictures below show the new thermic syphons and the foundation channel corners and side sections. The latter items are presently being painted in red oxide, two undercoats followed by two top coats, to protect the surface against corrosion in storage.

Credit 34059 Aproaching Horsted Keynes
  The two thermic syphons.
Credit Firebox foundation channels
  Firebox foundation channels being painted in the workshop.

Coach 5768

Two large pieces of sapele have been acquired and are being used to replace the two northern corner pillars.

Credit 5768 Corner Pillar spacer

The north west corner pillar being trial fitted.